“The Florita” – what a great Riesling!

After a couple of hours of wandering round the Adelaide Botanic Gardens yesterday, being wowed by the Amazon waterlily pavilion, suffocated by the steaminess of the Bicentennial Conservatory and transported on waves of good old fashioned perfume in the International Rose Garden, I  decided it was time to head for the National Wine Centre , conveniently located on the North Terrace side of the gardens, for a glass of wine and a bite of cheese.

The Riesling Queen was delighted to discover that Jim Barry’s “The Florita” was available by the glass, and the 2012 vintage certainly didn’t disappoint.

A beautiful pale lemongreen in appearance, the nose has intense layers of lemon flowers, white peach, and citrus notes – intense but skilfully so – this is not just citrus overload! On the palate the delicacy of pink grapefruit immediately comes to mind, along with layers of lime juice, more lemon blossom  and the richness of pêches plattes (old-fashioned flat peaches that have their very own, delicate, yet intense perfume – can’t say I’ve ever seen them in Australia). The palate is very rich and complex, yet delicate, elegant and stylish. The brilliant balance between the acidity and the fruit sweetness means this wine should be good for many years to come.

My kind of riesling – bone dry and brilliant…

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